About Us

“Who Are You?”

Windmill Young Actors was founded by professional and award winning theatre director Tanushka Marah.

“What is a Youth Theatre Company?”

In a theatrical context the word ‘company’ means ‘togetherness’. Every member is equally valued and mutual support, encouragement and honesty are basic requirements.

“Why do it?”

Because we love it! Drama classes, when run correctly, have a hugely beneficial and transforming effect on the individuals who attend. We had an 8 year old come in on their first day clinging to their parent. By the end of term they were leading 50 young actors in a huge ensemble performance piece. This stuff works!

Windmill Young Actors is a company where every member has a voice, where every member is invited to grow and try and learn. Like nothing else, drama allows us all to explore every aspect of ourselves in a safe and supportive environment.

Not only that, but we believe that through structured rehearsal and team work, a young ensemble can create thought-provoking, exciting and passionate performance suitable for everyone.

“How often do I perform”
No auditions and everyone is welcome to be part of productions. We do regular shows at The Windmill Theatre and we also have the privilege to perform at the Brighton Open Air Theatre and The Warren in Brighton Fringe. Public performances raise the bar on the quality of work we do and give young people the opportunity to experience life as a professional performer.

“How do I join?”

Come along and try out a drama class taster session for any of our clubs. If you enjoy it and we have space then you’re in!