Why We Are Different

Acting. 2 hours dedicated acting.

Training. Weekly vocal and physical training, helping to create confident speakers and movers.

Run by Professionals. Tanushka earns her living in the film and theatre industries through producing, directing and writing.

Student Emphasis. Students are encouraged to create work through their own writing and devising.

Performances. We have 3 performances a year in the fully equipped Windmill theatre.

Low Prices. Everyone is welcome and if you can’t afford it then we’ll try to assist you.

Community Focused. We encourage an atmosphere of community with mutual respect, support and encouragement.

Challenging Environment. It’s not all about games! We always push our students to explore challenging and educational subjects and techniques in their work.

Old and Modern. We are not afraid to try challenging classical theatre. Likewise, we are interested in making new, original work with a strong emphasis on the input of the young actors.

Join the Company. Once a student joins they are part of a theatre company of young actors, respected as a young professional in training and responsible for themselves and their place in the company.