Logo Design Competition!

Need something to do this weekend?

As you might have heard, Windmill Young Actors is becoming ThirdSpace Theatre. And, to go with our new identity, we need a new logo, and we’re excited to announce that we want YOU to help us design it!

ThirdSpace is built on young people, and we want that represented – so, over the next few weeks, we’ll be running a contest to help decide on our new logo. We want you to send us your submissions – via email, social media DM, or a physical copy – and the design we believe best fits our ethos and aesthetic will be sent to a professional designer to inform and inspire our new logo!

We need something that can be used on all our platforms: social media, our website, newsletters, and on posters/flyers. It needs to be visually engaging and to represent who we are as a company.

Our young members have made the company what it is: Dynamic. Inclusive. Contemporary.  We want the logo to represent these ideals.

In Soja’s Thirdspace, groups who are marginalised by the ideologies imposed by place can interact on an equal footing with the centres of power that created them.  Thirdspace can become an area of radical openness, a context from which to build communities of resistance and renewal that cross the boundaries and double-cross the binaries of race, gender, class and all oppressively othering categories. 

Thirdspace is not imposed from above, but created from within. Its central concept is its slipperiness, its openness to change, the permeability of its borders of definition. It is in constant flux, an open ended set of defining moments”.

Take a look through the rest of our website to find out about the theatre we create and the ideas we represent.

This competition is open to anyone ages 10-25 – you don’t have to be a member of ThirdSpace to join. Whoever designs the winning logo inspo will also receive a £50 voucher for art supplies! The deadline for submissions of your suggested logo design is the 30th of April. You can submit a maximum of 6 logo designs and a minimum of 1.

Once you’ve made your design, click the button below to send it over to us!